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Monarch GAF Bag Filters for Liquid
Single Bag Filter Housings (Metallic)
Choose the Bag Filter Housing Design which suits your needs
The GAF Bag Filter System is based on pressurised liquid filtration in which the product to be filtered is passed through a filter bag from inside to outside, leaving the solids in the filter bag.

The process has a proven record over many decades and provides a simple and reliable method of filtering. The housings are designed to enable a bag change to be completed within minutes, with minimal mess and product loss. Most housings can be fitted with bags from 1 micron absolute.

Filter Bag Sizes - Flow rates are based on using a Nominal rated filter bag & a viscosity of 1 c.p.
Size Flow Rate Dimensions Flow Area
01 20,000 (lt per hour) 7" dia x 17" long 2.6 sq.ft.
02 40,000 (lt per hour) 7" dia x 32" long 5.0 sq.ft.
03 6,000 (lt per hour) 4" dia x 8" long 0.8 sq.ft.
04 12,000 (lt per hour) 4" dia x 14" long 1.5 sq.ft.

Please note: Non-Metallic Housings have a reduced flow rate, please refer to product speficiations for each vessel.