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2205 Bottom In Side Out
Liquid Strainer
Stainless Steel or ABS Basket

Arctic Steel (BISO) 2205 grade stainless steel also makes Arctic Steel strainers appropriate for use in Marine, Sea Water, Industrial, Petro chemical and certain food grade applications.

Options include flange connections, clear polycarbonate lids and custom perforated screen sizes.

Electro-polished AISI 2205 cast stainless steel
Standard Connections:
Connection Options:
ANSI, Table, PN16 and NPT
Lid Options:
Solid 2205 Stainless Steel, or
Clear polycarbonate
Standard Basket:
316 Perforated 2mm, or
ABS Plastic 2mm x 2mm square
Basket perforations sizes
Mounting Bracket
Clear Lid
Backflush Port
Size (BSP) Code Lid Flow rate
lt/min @ 1 bar
Thread Type
1" WS-BISO-100-C-A Clear 425 Male x Female
1" WS-BISO-100-S-A Solid 425 Male x Female
1-1/2" WS-BISO-150-C-A Clear 903 Male x Female
1-1/2" WS-BISO-150-S-A Solid 903 Male x Female
2" WS-BISO-200-C-A Clear 1375 Male x Female
2" WS-BISO-200-S-A Solid 1375 Male x Female
2-1/2" WS-BISO-250-C-A Clear 1974 Female x Female
2-1/2" WS-BISO-250-S-A Solid 1974 Female x Female
3" WS-BISO-300-C-A Clear 3103 Female x Female
3" WS-BISO-300-S-A Solid 3103 Female x Female
4" WS-BISO-400-C-A Clear 5710 Female x Female
4" WS-BISO-400-s-A Solid 5710 Female x Female
6" WS-SISO-400-S-A Solid 13538 Female x Female

2205 Stainless Steel is far superior to standard marine grade 316 and 316L.

2205 Stainless Steel has been developed for applications which require a stainless that was not only stronger than standard marine grade 316, but offers much better corrosion resistance.

2205 Stainless achieves almost twice the corrosion resistance to ordinary 316. This is due to added levels of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and Nitrogen.

Features of 2205 are High Resistance to:

  • Fatigue corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking – especially in salt water
  • Chloride pitting and crevice corrosion – especially suited to salt water
  • Sulphide stress corrosion
  • High energy absorption
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good weldability and workability

These reasons are why 2205 is heavily used in the commercial offshore seawater environment and is designated as the minimum requirement for such applications.

SISO and BISO strainers have a fully cast, one-piece strainer body, eliminating the corrosion weaknesses inherent at welded joints. To further enhance our strainers, all bodies and lids are electro polished, which removes surface contaminants, providing even greater resistance to corrosion and a unique chromium rich shine to our strainers.

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