Monarch Extended Life Pleated Bag Filters

Pleated Felt Filter Bags - Nominal and Absolute Rated

Pleated filter bags manufactured from extended-life needle felt

Pleated bag type filter cartridge is a new innovative product, and a great alternative to standard filter bags. Using a unique pleating structure, Rocket provides up to four times the filter area compared to standard filter bag. Pleated cartridge type bags are available in Nominal Rated and Absolute rated material.

The choices of either polypropylene or polyester can be applied to a wide range of applications in various industries, and the pleated filter bag is compatible with various equipment currently using conventional filter bags, eliminating the need to invest in any new equipment (eg. filter housings).

  • Absolute Filter Bags have a four layered design to provide up to 99.9% filtration efficiency, applicable for catalyst recovery systems and the electronics industry.
  • Suitable with standard support baskets
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Extended lifespan of filter bag
  • Filter bag does not contain crater-forming additives such as silicon

Pleated Filter Bags

Please note:
As with any extended life filter material the actual lifespan of the filter bag is dependent on the Solids Loading, Particle Size Distribution and Particle type.

Available in Nominal Rated and Absolute Rate polypropylene or polyester felt with efficiencies up to 99.9%.

Monarch Pleated Filter Bags or Bag Filters
PO: Polypropylene
PE: Polyester
PG: Fiber glass
Seal ring
Beato welded polypropylene
Polyester seal ring
Micron Sizes Absolute
PO: 1,5,10 μm
PE: 1,5,10,25 μm
PG:1,5,10,25 μm
Micron Sizes Nominal
PE: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50,100, 200 μm
PO: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50,100, 200 μm
Bag Size
01 Size
02 Size
Filter Area
01 Size: 1.1 m²
02 Size: 2.2 m²
02 Size: 3.2 m² ( only for fiber glass )
  • Automotive degreasing and washing fluids
  • Steel emulsions and bath filtration
  • Process cooling water (PCW)
  • Leak-proof and membrane pre-filter
  • Granulator cooling fluid
  • Coal-water slurry
  • Desalination processes
  • Machinery cutting fluids
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