Style GA - Y Strainer (Cast Iron)

Natural Gas Service


Cast Iron

125# ANSI FF Flange

(ASTM A 126, Class B)

Steam, water, oil or gas where protection from foreign matter in a pipeline is required.

The Style GA strainers are used extensively for protecting gas meters and compressors in metering stations. The strainer utilizes a Buna N-70- Durometer O-Ring instead of a conventional gasket on the solid cover plate.

The Style A strainer features a machined groove in both the body and cover for proper screen alignment and to ensure accurate reseating when servicing is required. The gasket is a synthetic fiber that is compressed between the body and cover for maximum strength and durability. Keckley Style A strainers can be furnished with a blow-off plug upon request.

Standard perforated 304 stainless steel screens are spot welded along the seam for maximum strength. Different size perforations and meshes are available in stainless steel, monel, and brass to meet specific media requirements. If the media is not indicated, screens for water will be supplied.

Please refer to PDF brochure for full details and available sizes.

Working Pressures - Non Shock

Nom. Rating Media 2" to 12" 50mm to 300mm
125# Flanged Steam 125 PSI @ 450°F 862 KPa @ 232°C
W.O.G. 200 PSI @ 150°F 1379 KPa @ 66°C
Media 14" to 24" 50mm to 300mm
Steam 100 PSI @ 353°F 690 KPa @ 178°C
W.O.G. 150 PSI @ 150°F 1035 KPa @ 66°C

Product Codes

125 lb ANSI FF Connection Size Suggested Max. Flow
YS-GA1200 2" 100 GPM (US)
YS-GA1201 2-1/2" 150 GPM (US)
YS-GA1202 3" 220 GPM (US)
YS-GA1203 4" 350 GPM (US)
YS-GA1204 5" 612 GPM (US)
YS-GA1205 6" 880 GPM (US)
YS-GA1206 8" 1,469 GPM (US)
YS-GA1207 10" 2,114 GPM (US)
YS-GA1208 12" 3,525 GPM (US)
YS-GA1209 14" 4,798 GPM (US)
YS-GA1210 16" 6,267 GPM (US)
YS-GA1211 18" 7,931 GPM (US)
YS-GA1212 20" 9,792 GPM (US)
YS-GA1213 24" Call GPM (US)
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