Vorti-Siv Vibratory Sieves for wet and dry applications

Vorti-Siv Vibratory Sieve, Ultrasonic Mesh De-blinding

Ultrasonic Mesh De-blinding

Utilized in tHigh Frequency Ultrasonic energy produced by a generator are transformed by a converter into longitudinal high frequency vibrations. These vibrations are transferred into a removable waveguide into a precision resonator ring which in-turn uniformly energizes a pre-tensioned all stainless woven wire mesh screen. Vorti-Siv will use several ultrasonic methods to successfully achieve efficient Process results on a Lab, Pilot or Bulk Production Scale.he paint, coating, and ink industries for over 60 years. Thousands of units are actively in use today for problem batch filtration solutions. These models use a standard 22" screen diameter with mechanical vibrations up to 2800 RPM. Highlighted are a few selected samples.

The Vorti-Siv Division of MM Industries,Inc has developed a fine mesh deblinding system utilizing high speed gyration and ultrasonics energy. A standard stainless steel removable probe is specially mounted to a bonded or soldered mesh screen assembly. The system is available on all Vorti-Siv models ranging from 8" & 10" to 60" screen diameters and in mesh sizes as fine as 20 microns. 8" diameter sizes to 3 microns. The smaller fixed design utilizes an aluminum transducer. For 8" to 24" sizes. Additional details are highlighted with the Vorti-Siv RBF-Lab Series