Air/Liquid Separators for Industrial Applications - Product Overview

Eaton (formerly Wright Austin) Air Liquid Separators are available in many configurations and can be custom fabricated to meet your specific requirements. T style air liquid separators are common for smaller pipelines and for high percentages of entrainment.

Some Eaton (Wright Austin) air liquid separators have built-in drain traps and for those that do not, we offer float style air liquid drain traps to safely drain the fluid from the pipeline without product or pressure loss. Wright Austin exhaust heads reduce visible condensate plumes and help recover expensive boiler additives.

Our products are designed to separate all entrained water and oil from exhaust air, gas or steam prior to being discharged into the atmosphere or next stage in the pipeline. When properly sized they will remove 99% of all liquids and solids greater than 10 microns in size. Whether you are recovering boiler treatment chemicals from condensate vents or simply removing condensate from compressed air lines, our products offer a cost effective and maintenance free way to remove entrained moisture.

Eaton Wright Austin Type T & ST Cast  Gas Liquid Separators
Type T & ST Cast Separators

Type T is available as the Type ST with an integral trap.

Eaton Wright Austin Type DTL Dry Gas Liquid Separators
Type DTL Dry

For Higher Than Normal Solids Loading

Eaton Wright Austin Type 31L-ST Gas Liquid Separators
Type 31L-ST

Low Profile Design Gas/Liquid Separator

Eaton Wright Austin Exhaust Heads
Exhaust Heads

Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction

Eaton Wright Austin Type T Fabricated Gas Liquid Separators
Type T Fabricated

Sizes 1” to 24”, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Eaton Wright Austin Type 10-R Gas Liquid Separators
Type 10-R

For Heavier Than Normal Liquid Loads

Eaton Wright Austin Type 60-l & 70-l Gas Liquid Separators
Type 60-l & 70-l

Installs Inside Receivers, Drums or Other Vessels

Eaton Wright Austin Drain Traps
Drain Traps

Drain Condensate from Gas/Liquid Separators

Eaton Austin Wright Type TS Vertical Gas Liquid Separator
Type TS Vertical

1” to 24” Sizes • Threaded, Flanged or Socket Weld • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Eaton Wright Austin Type 30L Gas Liquid Separators

Low Profile and Vertical Downflow Separators

Eaton Wright Austin CLC Coalescers, Gas Liquid Separators
CLC Coalescers

Two-Stage Design for Maximum Efficiency

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