Eaton GAF Filter Bags for Liquid ProGaf
PROGAF - High Efficiency Filter Bags

PROGAF filter bags bring a new, high-performance alternative to applications requiring absolute filtration. PROGAF’s progressive density depth filtration delivers high efficiency (up to 99.98%) and long life with all the convenient features of a bag filter. In comparison with other filtration technologies, PROGAF delivers lower operating costs while retaining the ease of change-out typical of a bag filter.

Filtration Efficiencies of Up to 99.98%
PROGAF High Performance Filter Bags have performance efficiencies of up to 99.98%…true absolute filtration. In many filtration applications of one micron and above, PROGAF Filter Bags can replace expensive cartridge filtration systems and provide better performance while saving time and money. Ask your Eaton Filtration Specialist for “real world” documented case histories, illustrating how PROGAF Filter Bags have performed in applications similar to yours.

Unique Progressive Density Media Structure
PROGAF filter bags utilize an advanced media structure developed specifically to deliver both long life and absolute filtration. PROGAF filter bags’ progressive density design uses up to 12 layers of media which become finer and finer as fluid passes through. The result is a gradual removal of contaminant without any single layer blinding prematurely. Application and laboratory tests confirm that PROGAF bag filters deliver longer service life and lower operating costs than any other renewable filter element. The 100% polypropylene construction provides pure, silicone-free materials in an economic, self-contained, easily disposable filter bag.

Please refer to the PDF brochure for detailed information.

Felt Materials
(PO) Polypropylene - FDA
Micron Sizes
refer to Efficiency Chart
Physical Sizes
02 Size (7" dia x 32" long)

Filtration efficiency confirmed by independent test laboratory.

Filter Model Particle size removal efficiencies Dif P (psi) Size 02 @10,000 lt per hour
>60% >90% >95% >99% >99.9%
PGF 50 - - 0.15 0.45 1 0.25
PGF 51 >80@.15 0.3 0.45 0.5 2 0.17
PGF 55 1 3 6 10 12 0.06


Please note: Some micron sizes may not be ex stock.