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Polypropylene Felt Bags with Oil Absorption Properties

LOFCLEAR Oil Removal Polypropylene Meltblown with SENTINEL Ring

The LOFCLEAR™ oil removal filter bags were developed for the filtration of coatings in the automotive industry. The filtration design allows pigments to pass through the filtration layers, while retaining impurities and removing silicone oil and other crater forming substances.

The LCR-118/128 are designed for e-coat applications at flow rates no higher than 45 gpm/size 01 and 90 gpm us/size 02.

The LCR-119/129 are designed for e-coat applications with higher flow rates up to 60 gpm/size 01 and 120 gpm us/size 02.

The LCR-130 extended life bags are designed for extra adsorption capacity and high amounts of oil at 90 gpm us/size 02.

The LCR-135 bags deliver high removal particulate and oils from clear coat where pigment removal is not an issue, flow-rate 30 gpm us/size 02.

The Filtration Absorption Insert is the ultimate solution for increasing the oil and dirt removal capacity of new and existing bag filter systems. The insert is made entirely of polypropylene meltblown filter media, spun bound cover, and an extruded core for extra support.

During the field testing, inserts retained up to 4 lbs of particles. The same test was repeated with oil, and the insert showed the same absorption capability, approximately 4 lbs of oil. Its ability to capture high volumes of oil and particulate matter makes the insert ideal for many applications.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • E-coat and pre-treatment filtration for minimizing surface contaminating oil
  • Metal cleaning applications that require oil and particle removal
  • Paint, coatings & other liquids with a high content of gelatinous particles, which cannot be removed by regular felt bags
  • Applications with high dirt load that would require frequent filter bag change without the insert

For existing applications, the insert can be installed in most standard size 02 filter bags having the SNAP-RING or SENTINEL ring collar. The retrofitting feature enables the customer to continue to use the existing filter bags.

Once the insert is installed, use of a 316 Stainless Steel Charging Ring is necessary to protect the structural integrity of the insert. This ring directs the flow into the centre of the insert thus maximizing the time of contact between liquid and active media.

For easier installation and removal of the bag-insert assembly, the use of a straight-sided perforated plate basket (without the tapper) is highly recommended.

Key benefits of the Absorption Inserts are:

  • Increased oil removing capability
  • Increased dirt holding capacity
  • Fewer changeovers; less downtime
  • Increased productivity

Test Results at a Flow Rate of 45 GPM:

  • Oil Absorption: >3.75 lbs
  • Dirt Capacity: »4.5 lbs
  • DP Initial: <1 PSI


  • Max Operating Temp: 194°F
  • Oil Removal Application:
  • Flow Rate Max: 45 GPM
  • DP Max: 7 PSI
  • Dirt Removal Application:
  • Flow Rate Max: 90 GPM
  • DP Max: 20 PSI
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