Mobile Service Unit MKS 601 - for coolant and lubricant systems

  • Mobile Unit - (MKS Series)

Economic advantages
The application of a service system for coolant/ lubricant fluids shows up outstanding possibilities regarding less change, less consumption and less disposal as well as to an increasing technical demand on the coolant/lubricant itself. The consumption of concentrate may decrease over 15% and the service time can be reduced about 2h per change in comparison to a conventional service on machinery systems. As a matter of fact, the clearance between changes is extended considerably.

Additional aspects like environmental protection and the exposure of co-workers, caused by contaminated coolant require new, intelligent solutions. These requirements, economical nose and ergonomical enhancement combined with an easy operation and the multifaceted functions are fully covered by the system MKS 601.
Funtion of separation tank
Clean Phase  -  Dirt Phase

This system simplifies the draining of CNC-machine tanks containing coolant and/or lubricant and removes contamination of the emulsion originated by machining. An air pressure operated membrane pump feeds the equipment, for a mechanical cleaning of the emulsion the medium is led through a filter unit to a reservoir of 600 l capacity. In this reservoir, followed by an adequate span of time, the incorporated oil is separated from the emulsion and is removed by systematic use of “Skimmer-Technology” and oil separation mechanisms.

The System MKS 601 may also be applied as an off-line filtration circuit, therefore the fluid is conducted out of the machine tank through the mentioned filter unit, freed from finest particles and led back to the machine circuit by a return line. The control block, located upstream in the pressure line provides several intelligent possibilities, how to run the system as for example the flow may be directed to the exit line without passing the filter element. This is usefull and timesaving in the case of a coolant/lubricant change. Another function is the activation of the low pressure cleaning gun intended for a cautious and effective cleaning of the system. In this case the cleanig gun is supplied from the machinery tank. The single components of the system MKS 601 are easily and quickly to be dismounted.

Filter unit

The return-line filter TEF 952 is mounted directly on the top of the tank and connected to the pressure line. The used filter element Interporvlies “VG” is characterised by deep filtration at low pressure difference and highest dirt holding capacity.
Control block

Following to the suction of the fluid by the membrane pump the control block may route to the filter unit, to the exit line or to the low pressure cleaning gun. Additionally there is an extension port for retrofitting components.
Air pressure operated membrane pump

This type of self-priming pump is air driven and designed especially for a conveyance of chemical fluids. Low service efforts, dry run resistance and easy handling are the main advantages of this pump.
Oil separation mechanism

Floating oil separator with adjustable oil supply. This garantees highest separation performance even at a changing level of the fluid.


Technical Data

Function MKS 601
Net weight approx. 270 kg
Dimensions 1440 x 1116 x 1200 mm
Operation by air pressure
Reservoir volume 600 l
Extraction of other fluids Yes
Extraction of chips max. grain size 6 mm pilot filter suggested
Separation of other fluids separation tank
Solid particle separation filter fineness from 1 μm to 25 μm
Cleaning of the machine hand cleaning gun up to 6 bar