Filter Elements

Qualified staff, computer-aided analysis/measuring methods, the availability of all required test stands according to the ISO - test standards as well as the continuous production control of the filter elements enable INTERNORMEN Technology to be one of the world-leading manufacturers of filter elements at present.

INTERNORMEN produce more than 3500 different types of filter elements which are constructed and produced at their headquarters. Their elements are distinguished by a very high dirt holding capacity and a high pressure resistance which guarantee a long unit life.

The beta ratio of the filter element and its permanent efficiency are guaranteed for high pressure differences. Filter materials, bonding and processing are regularly controlled by means of bubble-point tests on our test stand according to ISO 2942.

IINTERNORMEN Technology elements can be supplied with 100 % bubble-point tests and corresponding certificates on request. The glass fibre material "VG" used in filter elements for fine filtration is supported by a support fleece and a stainless steel wire mesh and thereby protected against damage during production and later during filtration at high pressure differences. The bonding of the filter material to the end caps and the seam is executed with maximum accuracy. By use of special high quality adhesives, a homogeneous connection of the parts is achieved.

To be able to meet our customers‘ requirements optimally, we have a very large warehouse stock availability. This enables us to guarantee a short-term delivery and our customers avoiding the need the hold stock of their own.

Apart from the original – filter elements fitting our own filter housings we also offer exchange elements, which are for use with the filter housings of the following filter manufacturers:

  • Pall
  • Mahle
  • Bosch Rexroth (former Eppensteiner)
  • Hydac
  • Parker

To facilitate you the survey of our wide range of products, you can download a checklist of the elements that are mostly enquired.

IIn addition to tests developed by INTERNORMEN Technology testing of our filter elements to the following ISO-Standards is done:

ISO 2941 Verification of collapse/burst resistance
ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity
ISO 2943 Verification of material compatibility with fluids
ISO 3723 Method for end load testing
ISO 3724 Verification of flow fatigue characteristics
ISO 3968 Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics
ISO 16889 Multi-Pass method for evaluating filtration performance