Eaton GAF TOPLINE Bag Filter Housing or Bag Filter Vessel

Hayward manufacturers flow control products in thermoplastic materials including PVC, CPVC, PP and GFPP. These materials are non-conductors and are immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.

Flow Meters
Hayward offers TF Series Multi-Function True Union Paddlewheel Flow Meter, TFD Series paddlewheel flow meter and totalizer with alert alarm, TFT Series paddlewheel flow meter with transvitter, with fitting accessories available.
Level Sensors
Hayward Level Pressure Sensors are designed for continuous level measurement for aggressive liquid media.
Controllers and Displays
Hayward offers TLC Series level process display, TLM Series industrial level controller, TLV Series flow display batcher totalizer, and VSA Series industrial visual/audible sentry alarm system. Accessories are also available.
Thermoplastic Pressure Gauges
Hayward offers GD Series digital LED pressure alarms, GDS Series double sided all thermoplastic liquid filled pressure gauge and isolator, GA Series pressure gauge and isolator, GLD Series LED plus LCD pressure gauge and isolators, and GP Series pressure gauge and isolator.