Eaton GAF Filter Bags for Liquid Snap Ring
Filter Bag Selection - Nominal vs High Particle Removal Efficiency

Our range of filter bags can categorised into Nominal or High Efficiency Particle Removal.

Nominal Ratings
Nominal filter ratings are an arbitrary (nominal) value, indicating a particulate size range at which the filter removes some percentage. Nominal ratings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and cannot be used to compare filters among manufacturers. Processing or application conditions such as operating pressure, concentration of contaminant and particle type have a significant effect on the retention efficiency of the nominally-rated filters.

Absolute Ratings and High Removal Efficiency
Absolute filter ratings are a value associated with a filter, that represents the size of the smallest particle completely retained. Complete retention is within the experimental uncertainty of a standard test method consistent with the intended filter use. Among the test conditions that must be specified are particle size, challenge pressure, concentration, and detection method used to identify the contaminant.

Selecting a High Efficiency Bag
Please refer to the Efficiency/Micron Removal size charts for the Lofclear, Accugaf and Progaf to select the level of filtration you require.

Nominal Rated bags are offered with a nominal micron rating.
Polyester (Sentinel and Snap-Ring)
Polypropylene (Sentinel and Snap-Ring)
Polyester Durgaf Extended Life (Sentinel Ring)
Polypropylene Durgaf Extended Life (Sentinel Ring)
High Efficiency Bags are offered, based on removal efficiency at a specific micron size.
High Efficiency
Nylon Monofilamant (Sentinel and Snap-Ring)
Progaf Series
Accugaf Series
Lofclear Series
Please note: Some micron sizes may not be ex stock.