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FDA - Polypropylene Extended Life Felt Sentinel Filter Bags (Nominal Micron Rating)

The DURAGAF high performance, needled felt bag filter media lasts 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media. Available in polypropylene (POXL) or polyester (PEXL), these 100% welded bags, with the SENTIINEL top ring, seal better in critical conditions. Models (POXLF and PEXLF) are FDA and EC compliant filter bags for food contact.
(POXLF) Polyester Felt
Polypropylene Plastic Top, Welded
Max Temperature
(POXLF) 90°C
Physical Sizes
01 Size (7" dia x 17" long)
02 Size (7" dia x 32" long)
Aqueous Media
Aliphatic Solutions
Aromatic Solvents
Alkaline Systems
Strongly Alkaline
Acid Systems
Strongly Acidic
Please note: Some micron sizes may not be ex stock.
Size 01- (7" dia x 17" long) - FDA
Code - Sentinel Ring Micron Size Box Quantity
POXLF-1-PO1E 1 50
POXLF-5-PO1E 5 50
POXLF-10-PO1E 10 50
POXLF-25-PO1E 25 50
POXLF-50-PO1E 50 50
POXLF-100-PO1E 100 50
POXLF-200-PO1E 200 50
Size 02- (7" dia x 32" long) - FDA
Code - Sentinel Ring Micron Size Box Quantity
POXLF-1-PO2E 1 50
POXLF-5-PO2E 5 50
POXLF-10-PO2E 10 50
POXLF-25-PO2E 25 50
POXLF-50-PO2E 50 50
POXLF-100-PO2E 100 50
POXLF-200-PO2E 200 50
  • Food and Beverage
    Potable water
    Beer Wine
    Edible oils
    Liquid sugar
    Thick juice
    Milk processing
    Soft drinks
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